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Leadership Opportunities for Supporting a Culture of Well-being

Leadership is important to any successful organizational endeavor. This is especially true for a challenge as ambitious and complex as creating a culture of well-being. This training teaches executives, managers, wellness committee members and other wellness champions to support  cultures and sub-cultures of well-being. You will learn how to better understand and engage in six primary well-being leadership responsibilities:

    1. Sharing the well-being vision (aka why well-being is important and how employees can participate).
    2. Serve as a well-being role model
    3. Align formal and informal programs, policies and practices (aka cultural touch points) with well-being.
    4. Use health behavior activities to enhance the social climate (aka morale, teamwork, trust and engagement)
    5. Develop a strategic plan for establishing  well-being norms
    6. Track and celebrate success so that individual and workgroup improvements can be acknowledged and reinforced

 Format. The six skills are explained in video presentations (62 minutes total), video testimonials from corporate leaders (5 minutes total), audio podcasts (22 minute total), and book chapter reprints (106 pages total). The training is paced over eight weeks with an average commitment of 45 minutes per week. Leaders are encouraged to act upon any two or more of the recommended well-being leadership strategies. A self-assessment is provided in each training unit.

Play Sample HealthyCultureNow Podcast Episodes

Role Modeling Well-being

Creating a Well-being Plan

This leadership training is based on the book, Wellness Leadership by Judd Allen, Ph.D.